Due to lack of funding the committee has decided to disband

February 2017

The group that has been championing road safety in Brighouse for over 70 years has been forced to disband due to funding problems. The committee was founded in 1944 and for the past seventy three years has served Brighouse and surrounding areas by listening to their concerns with regard to any road safety issues.

The group has provided cycle training for pupils attending schools and the Chairman, Mrs Ann Rutherford was involved with the scheme for many years with the help of Calderdale Council. 

They were a regular feature at the annual Brighouse Charity Gala and each year they have provided a Christmas Drink Drive Campaign in order to reduce the number of road safety injuries and deaths through drink driving over the festive period. 

However, the committee has said it has been forced to wind up because of funding being stopped by Calderdale Council.

 Peter Davies, secretary of committee, said on behalf of the group: “Every effort has been made to try and get the road safety message to the residents of Brighouse.

 “Regrettably Calderdale Council cannot afford the princely sum of £250 in order that the good work of the committee can continue and it has been decided with deep regret that the committee to discontinue its valuable work.

 “For the past year there has been a distinct lack of support from elected representatives and Calderdale Council and it was only by making requests for financial assistance from other people that the committee has been able to continue with its work for the people of Brighouse. 

“The Committee feels that it has been very badly treated by Calderdale Council and financial funding was withdrawn without any notification to the committee which is the height of bad manners. “It would appear that it no longer needs local road safety committees.”